Taking timely action on Big Data signs at HP Discover

There are many discussion forums scheduled at HP Discover 2014. DF4070 — orchestrated by the trifecta of Intel, Cloudera and HP Vertica — draws my attention because it highlights a solution that helps gather, store and analyze data from social media, online transactions and various other data sources to help with decisions. These companies provide the technologies that effectively enable the application of complex analytics to gain insight from zettabytes of Big Data. A new style of Data Science. But timely action is required on these Big Data signs (insight) to realize tangible business benefits.

Hill Blocks View.png

Just like I had to take timely action on a suburban road in Morganville, New Jersey when I came up on a sign that said “HILL BLOCKS VIEW.”

Driving down a country road I came up on this sign that informed me a few hundred feet in advance that a steep hill was coming up, making it impossible for me to have a clear view of what is coming from the other side. If I just read the sign (and didn’t prepare myself to slow down, be more aware of oncoming vehicles, stalled automobiles or a deer crossing), I would have been taken unawares. The responsibility was on me to take action, based upon this insight.

The art of applying science to Big Data is no different.

Let’s try applying commonly used Big Data terms to this scenario.

  1. Big Data. This is the geo-spatial data about the topography that is available to us as the citizens of the planet. We are positioned to take full advantage of insights from Planet Earth.
  2. Complex Analytics. We apply the science of complex analytics, using technologies such as those offered by Intel, Cloudera and HP Vertica, to glean insight from this data.
  3. Information. Application of Complex Analytics on Big Data realizes valuable information with context. To individuals like me, it manifests itself as Little Data with the right context and location. HILL BLOCKS VIEW is useful Little Data for me right at the moment on that country road in Morganville.
  4. Action. This represents the proactive steps taken upon the information gained. Competitive enterprises of the future will take the appropriate action upon this insight, and turn the information gained into business value. Very similar to the steps I took to take precautionary measures when approaching the hill in Morganville.

Ford Data Science leader, Michael Cavaretta asserted at a past conference that Big Data is nothing without Analytics. As I approached the HILL in question, I thought that Analytics is nothing either without timely Action.

Just like the enterprises driving the DF4070 discussion, the trifecta of Big Data, Analytics and Action are better and more effective together.

What say you? What are the Big Data signs you are coming across in your enterprise? Are you viewing the information while looking at the data? And by the way, drive safely!

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