Ten things to know about business-class technology

Managing the Changing IT Landscape: Business-Class Technology

In a recent blog post, I proposed the idea that business-class technology is not a luxury. When it comes to protecting sensitive company information and IP, as well as customer data, it’s critical to have the right technology in place. 

But what makes technology business-class? In my mind, these are the top 10 features and capabilities that address the needs of both users and IT.

  1. Durability Can handle daily wear and tear over a PC refresh cycle of three to four years; reinforced hardware (screen, chassis)
  2. High performance –  Can manage multitasking and simultaneous app use
  3. Scalability Ability to support new operating systems and apps during life cycle
  4. Security technologies Protection for users and IT in a dynamic threat landscape
  5. Management tools Ability for IT to manage all devices (tablets, phones, notebooks, desktops, etc.) regardless of operational state or location
  6. Identity protection Ability to protect users online and safeguard corporate network access
  7. Data protection Powerful encryption technologies to guard sensitive business data
  8. Antitheft capabilities Ability to lock or wipe a device that is lost or stolen
  9. Appeal for users Ease of use with an intuitive interface, a lightweight form factor, long battery life, and a sleek design
  10. Interoperability Standards-based systems with Ethernet, USB, solid-state drives (SSDs), and strong Wi-Fi

What capabilities does your organization look for in business-class technology? Is anything missing from this list?

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