More Bandwidth, More Places

At Mobile World Congress this year, RADWIN announced its mmWave solution leveraging technology from Intel to be Terragraph-certified, a 60 GHz multi-node wireless system introduced by Facebook to deliver Gigabit-speed wireless internet connectivity to dense urban and suburban communities without laying traditional fiber infrastructure.

I am glad to report significant progress over the past year. Intel now has multiple Terragraph labs in Israel, India, and the U.S., including small, outdoor, over-the-air network topology with the ability to deliver multi-Gigabit throughput at multi-hundred-meters range, covering both distributed and client node Terragraph configurations.

We’re also exploring opportunities with Terragraph solutions in conjunction with Intel® 5G licensed networks to enable shared network deployment and edge computing based on the Intel® Network Edge Virtualization Software Development Kit (NEV SDK).

Real-World Trials Begin

Industry adoption is increasing as well. Here at TIP (Telecom Infra Project) Summit 2018, we are glad to share that our strong partnership with RADWIN has secured multiple trials with service providers (SP) and plan general availability in 2019. As an example, Alaska Communications will be utilizing the RADWIN based Terragraph solution, evaluating it for delivery of broadband services wirelessly to the home.

We continue to work with Facebook and RADWIN on developing advanced features in order for service providers to easily integrate and scale the solution within their live networks. We’re also working with other industry leaders on regulatory and standard bodies around the globe.

We expect a host of Intel architecture based solutions designed for Terragraph to be ready for general availability starting in 2019. Read more on the Facebook Code blog.

TIP OpenRAN Project Group

Intel is also proud to co-chair the TIP OpenRAN project group, migrating the industry to a software-centric Radio Access Network, running on general purpose processor hardware for a more efficient radio access network, where hardware and software are disaggregated. This disaggregated software approach can benefit from the flexibility and faster pace of innovation capable with software-driven development, enabling faster time to market. The group is focused on real life use case requirements for both rural and urban deployments. To achieve this, we have been working with the members of the group in adopting our FlexRAN reference architecture and helping them develop the solutions for the use cases. The latest developments include Radisys and Aricent working on the software aspects, integrating with the radio solutions from Baicells and Fairwaves, with Tech Mahindra taking the role of System integrator.

We will have a demonstration of TIP OpenRAN solution on the FlexRAN reference architecture, which speeds time to deployment for service providers moving to virtualized RAN elements inside the Innovation Hub at this year’s TIP Summit 2018 in London.

TIP Summit 2018

Also at TIP Summit 2018 this year, a new Project Group within TIP called Edge Application Developers, led by Intel and Deutsche Telekom, will focus on developing open APIs and software tools for developers to build next-gen applications on operators’ edge infrastructure. I look forward to what this group accomplishes in the coming months.

We are pleased to be a gold sponsor of TIP Summit this year and we hope that you will come visit us at our booth to explore our various activities. We will have the RADWIN Terragraph solution at our booth for you to see what will be deployed in the trials along with a video showcasing Intel’s outdoor trial. I encourage attendees to come by to see the product up close and to ask any questions.

I will be hosting a Women in Telecom Breakfast on Wednesday, October 17 at 8:15 and will be a panelist at 11:25AM Wednesday on the main stage for “Tech Perspectives on mmWave: Solutions for Urban Network.” That afternoon, I will be moderating a panel discussion on “Edge Computing: use cases, trial platforms, and deployment strategies for Operators” on the spotlight stage.  My colleague Adnan Boustany will also be participating in a panel on Tuesday at 14:30 entitled “Disaggregating the RAN: Concept to Scaled Deployments” on the spotlight stage.

For updates throughout the show, you can follow me on Twitter at @CarolineChan5G.