The Best of HPC and Supercomputing in 2011: Efficiency, Performance and Intel MIC

When you think of 2011 in the tech world, there tends to be a related supercomputing event attached. ISC 2011, Supercomputing 2011, IDF 2011…2011 was all about events, events, events!  This year was also full of big HPC events at Intel. We delivered the initial development units of MIC, and took part in the announcement of the 10-petaflop system in Texas. As 2012 approaches, let’s reminisce on some of the HPC & Supercomputing highlights of 2011:

We read:

Intel MIC Scores 1st Home Run with 10 Petaflop “Stampede” Supercomputer by Joe Curley

Supercomputing 2011 Day 2: Knights Corner shown at 1TF Per Socket by John Hengeveld

Supercomputing 2011: Monday - Intel and the Top500 by John Hengeveld

Accelerating Open Science Research: A Collaboration with TACC by John Hengeveld

High Performance Computing Around the World – The Wandering Geek by John Hengeveld

Linking Efficiency and Performance: Another Look at the Latest Top500 and Green500 by Winston Saunders

We Watched:

At the High Performance Computing mega-briefing at IDF 2011, we talked about Exascale High Performance Computing.

Intel’s Director of High Performance Computing, John Hengeveld discussed Intel’s innovations in High Performance Computing and Intel Many Integrated Core Architecture.

We Listened to:

Just in time for Supercomputing 2011, John Hengeveld and Joe Curley talked about how HPC affects our world and New High Performance Computing Capabilities on Intel Chip Chat.

At IDF2011, James Reinders of Intel’s software group talked about Parallel Programming for HPC and Linux.

As we close the chapter on one year of high performance computing, we look forward to what the future brings. What are your predictions for the next year? How will High Performance Computing evolve? Let us know what you think and comment!

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