The Business Value of Enterprise Collaboration and the Intel 5th Gen Core Processor


"Capital isn't that important in business. Experience isn't that important. You can get both of these things. What is important is ideas." - Harvey Firestone

The world is in need of a better way to work.


We come to the office with the expectation of getting things done. The workplace is supposed to be a technology-fueled hub for collaboration, connection, problem solving, and simplified information sharing. It’s where we collectively drive innovation in hopes of building a greater enterprise.

But when technology impedes that productive environment, employees lose valuable time. Frustration mounts, workflow is disturbed, ideas lay dormant, collaboration grinds to a halt. And inevitably, the business loses money.

It’s time to change that. It’s time for the business and technology to align to build a more constructive and inspiring environment. It’s time to talk about how Intel 5th Gen Core™ vPro™ processor based systems will change the way we work.

The Power of 5th Gen Technology

When we imagined 5th Gen, this is what we saw — a workplace that is operating at the speed of your employees. A wire-free space that emphasizes mobility, flexibility, and maximum productivity without compromising user satisfaction. Technology that’s as fast as it is secure and manageable, that allows for greater information sharing and the delivery of actionable insights to the enterprise.

With Intel Wireless Display (Intel WiDi), Intel Wireless Docking, and the optimized performance of the 5th Gen Core vPro processor, we’re striving to bring you the workplace of the future. No cords and longer battery life mean more freedom and mobility. Wireless sharing capabilities lead to smoother teamwork. And our processor is equipped with Intel Identity Protection Technology that keeps users safe and secure.

The 5th Gen Core vPro family was built with a simple concept in mind: Technology should always act as an economic driver for your business. It should always be an enabler, never an inhibitor. Our desire was to minimize delays in daily processes so that employees can focus solely on the task at hand and maximize the probability of good ideas coming to light.

The Power of the Idea.

If your employees are hindered by their devices, they’re not providing their fullest value to your organization. Think of the increments of time spent on menial tech-related tasks that detract from overall productivity. The tiny actions that add up to tremendous loss and detract from your business’s bottom line. The ideas that lay sleeping for so long they were eventually forgotten.

Now think of what the 5th Gen Core vPro family could bring to your business. It’s time we change the way we work; join me as we enter the next phase of business computing and collaboration, and a new world of ideation for the enterprise.

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Tom Garrison

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Tom Garrison, Vice President and General Manager of Desktop, Commercial, & Channel (DCC). oversees the desktop, business client and channel platforms. Tom joined DCC after three years as the general manager of the Business Client Platforms group, where he had responsibility for Intel’s business client and vPro™ strategies across the breadth of Intel platforms. Tom joined Intel in 1994. Prior to his time in the Client Computing Group, Tom was the General Manager of the Datacenter Engineering Group. Prior to his role leading the Datacenter Engineering Group, Tom led the Datacenter Strategic Planning organization responsible for Intel's datacenter silicon and platform roadmaps across all datacenter market segments.