The Changing Relationship between CIOs and CMOs

Managing the Changing IT Landscape: IT Spending

It seems like there’s a lot of talk lately about the struggle between CIOs and CMOs — especially in terms of IT spending. More than ever, marketing departments are purchasing technology and services using their own budgets, and doing so outside of the control of IT. It’s a natural result of cloud computing, big data and consumerization.

I just came across an interesting article from Forbes magazine that delves into this “digital marketing battlefield.” In this article, Gartner outlined a transit map for CMOs that illustrates the services and capabilities immediately available to business leaders. And in some cases, the spend is happening because the marketing departments don’t feel they can get what they want from IT. CIO magazine also credits Gartner with triggering this debate, predicting last year that CMOs will spend more on IT than CIOs by 2017.

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IT services: “Not like buying a car”

One of the most interesting things I read, though, was a post on Peter Kretzman’s blog (@PeterKretzman) on the debate around IT spending. Kretzman refutes another article that likens IT spending to buying a car, and clearly maps out the flawed logic in the marketing-outspending-IT concept.

He explains that enterprise technology can “very rarely be chosen in a vacuum, completely independently of the context in which they’ll be deployed.” IT has a very different (much-needed) broad perspective on all aspects of technology—from figuring out whether it can fit with existing systems to the “boring, messy, ongoing details” around apps, like data migration, compliance, and constantly evolving security needs.

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The answer? In my opinion, it’s all about collaboration.

Business leaders should be working directly with IT leaders to figure out how to achieve common goals and drive value across the business.The enterprise is changing fast, and collaboration is critical to business success. Learn more about Intel’s perspective in our latest vision paper on consumerization and what it means for the future of IT.

In your company, what is the working relationship between marketing and IT? Is it an “us vs. them” or an “us with them” relationship?

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