The Chromebook in the Enterprise: Which Model Will Boost Your Biz?

When Chromebooks first appeared on the market in 2011, consumers and businesses alike paused to consider where a browser-only notebook fit in their lives. However, as more and more of our world takes place online, the Chromebook seems to be making more sense to the enterprise – in 2013, they comprised 20% of the U.S. commercial PC market, a massive spike from 2012.

With their browser-based operating system, low operating cost and the availability of cloud-based online alternatives to traditional business software, Chromebooks may actually be just the right fit for many organizations. If your business is considering this low cost browser centric device be sure you understand its limitations. If your needs are met with a Chromebook then consider which model is right for you. Read on for details.

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If your company decides to implement Chromebooks for your employees, what are the options best suited to the job at hand?

Engineering firm Principled Technologies put an Intel processor-powered Chromebook and a non-Intel processor powered based Chromebook through workflows that included regularly performed tasks in combination with the normal multitasking of an enterprise employee. They also looked at how long the two Chromebooks could keep running on a single charge. What follows are three tasks they studied specifically, as well as the results of both Chromebooks.


Two Chromebooks in nine tasks creating a sales proposal.


Two Chromebooks in nine tasks managing a marketing plan.


Two Chromebooks in ten tasks delivering a fiscal report.

The bottom line? Principled Technologies found that the Intel processor-powered Chromebook powered through the tests, moving through employee workflows up to 59% faster, and lasting 58% longer unplugged while Web browsing and concluded that with the Intel processor-powered Chromebook, enterprise employees can spend less time waiting and more time working.

For more details on this Principled Technologies study, check out Comparing Chromebooks For Enterprises.

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