The CIO is Dead! Long Live the CIO!

I was very honored to be asked to join the Intel IT Peer Network as a Guest Blogger. If you are a frequent participant of the IT Peer Network, I hope you find some of my musings insightful, or at least entertaining. If you are new to the Network, I encourage you spend some time perusing the Blog, there is some fantastic content here. As someone who has been in IT management at various companies over the last twenty years the focus on my posts will center around Leadership and Organizational Dynamics and related themes as they pertain to IT. I hope to bring some unique perspectives to these topics.



The CIO is Dead! Long Live the CIO!

This post could have also been titled: The more things change, the more things remain the same. The role of the CIO, and the role of IT for that matter, have been in a constant state of evolution since their inception 30 or 40 years ago. I think what is different today, is the speed at which the evolution must take place. Business is changing, the way work gets done is changing, technology is changing. The impacts on the CIO and IT are significant and at times can seem insurmountable.

Gartner calls it the “Nexus of Forces”. I like to describe it as a confluence (ok, so I AM a river rat at heart), when two or more rivers join together at a confluence, the power of the resulting river is not additive, but rather exponential.  A quick read of the industry blogs, magazines, and books today gives you a sense of the myriad of changes impacting IT leadership: the data explosion, both big and not so big; cloud computing, including SaaS and all the other “aaS’s”; the Internet of Things; the consumerization of IT; something I like to call the “appification” of IT; BYOD/CYOD; mobile; and finally the digitization and personalization of the world of marketing. Its enough to make one question the choice of one’s career!

IT and IT leadership must adapt to these changes or risk fading into irrelevancy. It will take different skills across our organizations and a different approach to managing risk, while at the same time enabling the organization to leverage technology. Over the course of the next few months, we will focus on each of these rivers (ok, forces) and discuss ways in which to harness each of them to propel our businesses forward. I hope you join in the dialogue and share your thoughts, together we can develop even better solutions.

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