The COD5 PC BETA is out!

The COD5 BETA has been released for the PC. It's about time too, I've been waiting for this for like 3 months. I even pre-ordered a copy of COD5 from GameStop because apparantly that was supposed to gaureentee you a spot in the BETA but then after I ordered I found out that all you had to do was signup for an account on the COD website. I ended up doing both and, as luck would have it, I didn't get my gamestop key yet, only my COD key. So good thing I pre-ordered.

I've already taken some FRAPS vido of the game, I wanna be one of the first to get a good sniper montage uploaded to youtube. I'll come back and edit this post to include the youtube link once the video is all done. OK, so here's how to get your key BTW:


In order to take part in the BETA you needed to signup at the CallofDuty website with a free account, or pre-order the game from GameStop.

If you haven’t already signed up for your fre account at CallofDuty

forums, you can do it now but I don’t know if that will score you a

BETA key or not. For everyone who had an account at the CallofDuty site

before todays date, you can find the BETA key in your profile.

Here are the official directions and official BETA download links:

  1. Download the PC Beta Installer from the below mirror links.

    1. FilePlanet

    2. GameSpot

    3. WorthDownloading

    4. Big Download

    5. GameZone

    6. FileShack

    7. Call of Duty HQ

    8. Filefront

    9. Gamershell

    10. Planet Call of Duty


  2. Install the game using the CD-KEY you received in your email. If
    you’ve confirmed your community account, you can also find it in your profile page.

  3. Download the in game instruction manual.

Xbox 360

  1. Receive your Xbox Live™ Marketplace Token and write it down. You will not be able to download the Beta without it

  2. Log into Xbox Live with your gamer profile

  3. Access Xbox Live Marketplace through the Xbox 360™ Dashboard

  4. Click Redeem Code

  5. Enter your Xbox Live Marketplace Token when prompted

Source: Call of Duty


There are huge problems with the BETA. Everything from DX errors to black screens and sound driver errors. You may want to take a look at this post if you're having any problems and perhaps it will help you. Lucky for me I haven't had any problems what so ever...I like COD5 way more than COD4 too ;D