The Data Stack – March 2014 Podcast Round-up

In March, Chip Chat continued archiving HP Discover episodes, with episodes on the telco industry and SSDs, as well as episodes from partners including McAfee, VMware and Dell. We also celebrated our 300th episode talking with the City of Barcelona about the IT infrastructure. And the Digital Nibbles Podcast checks in with some fascinating episodes covering cloud metrics, the IaaS/PaaS debate, OpenStack and software-defined storage. As always, leave a comment on this post if you’d like to suggest a podcast topic for either Chip Chat or Digital Nibbles.

Intel® Chip Chat:

  • Managing a Smart City with Intel® Xeon® Processor E7 – Intel® Chip Chat episode 300: Eduard Martín Lineros and Enrique Félez Zaera from the City of Barcelona stop by to talk about using the Cisco Unified Computing System based on the Intel® Xeon® processor E7 to support their Smart+Connected City Solutions, and well as to transition the city to a cloud-based IT delivery model. They were looking for a system that offered scalable performance with advanced reliability and data analytics for the most business-critical applications. For more information, visit www.
  • Live from HP Discover: The Storage Industry and SSDs – Intel® Chip Chat episode 302: In this archive of a livecast, Andreas Schneider and Shaun Rasmussen from Intel stop by to talk about trends in enterprise storage (the explosive growth of data storage, software defined storage, and when to use hot/cold/warm storage), the benefits of Intel® Xeon® and AtomTM processors, and the use of SSDs in the storage tier. For more information, visit
  • Security and Mobile Devices – Intel® Chip Chat episode 303: In this archive of a livecast from a recent trip to Mobile World Congress, Lianne Caetano, the Director of Mobile Product Marketing for McAfee, stops by to talk about the evolution of McAfee Mobile Security (now available on Google Play and Apple iTunes for free), and what consumers can do to protect themselves from malware and identity theft on various devices. For more information, visit or
  • Virtual SAN*: A New Storage Tier with VMware – Intel® Chip Chat episode 304: Alberto Farronato, the Director of Product Marketing for Cloud Infrastructure Storage and Availability at VMware, stops by to chat about the recent launch of the VMware* Virtual SAN* (VSAN), which provides a software-defined storage tier that pools compute and DAS resources through the server hypervisor. By clustering server direct-attached HDDs and SSDs, VSAN creates a distributed, shared data store at the hypervisor layer that is designed and optimized for virtual machines. For more information, visit
  • Live from HP Discover: The EMEA HP Intel Solution Center – Intel® Chip Chat episode 305: In this archive of a livecast, Fabienne Chevalier, the manager of the EMEA Industry Solution Center at HP, stops by to talk about the joint solutions center from HP and Intel. They hold over 100 workshops a year to facilitate the adoption of innovative solutions based on Intel and HP technologies. Customers can bring in their needs and get a deep dive into solutions and features during the small-group format training. This year’s workshops will highlight big data analytics and NFV. For more information, visit
  • The Dell* PowerEdge* R920 and Intel® Xeon® E7 v2 Processors – Intel® Chip Chat episode 306: Lisa Onstot, a Server Platform Marketing Director at Dell, stops by to talk about the Dell PowerEdge R920 server featuring the recently-launched Intel® Xeon® processor E7 v2. The R920 server has been built specifically for enterprises to facilitate quick data access – architected with the massive memory capacity needed to accelerate large, mission-critical applications, as well as high-performance databases. For more information, visit

Digital Nibbles Podcast:

  • Cloud Metrics and Software-Defined Storage – Digital Nibbles Podcast episode 53: A couple of excellent conversations this week on cloud performance metrics and software-defined storage. First up, returning guest Paul Miller (@paulmiller), an analyst with Cloud of Data, chats about transparency and conflict of interest in the consulting market, as well as cloud benchmarks and what they mean for enterprise workloads. Then Bernard Harguindeguy (@atlantisilio), the CEO of Atlantis Computing, discusses optimizing virtual machines (VMs) and how they interact with storage, resulting in less storage traffic on a network and a performance boost for apps.
  • OpenStack for Private Clouds and the IaaS/PaaS Debate – Digital Nibbles Podcast episode 54: This week’s first Guest is Chris Kemp (@kemp), the founder of Nebula and NASA’s first CTO. He’s here to talk about OpenStack, which he co-developed, and his company’s piece of hardware that can turn servers into their own private cloud, helping enterprises efficiently run their infrastructure. Then JP Morgenthal (@jpmorgenthal), the director of the Cloud Computing Practice at Perficient, chats about the blurring of IaaS and PaaS and where Perficient fits in.