The Digital Patient is Here to Stay

In healthcare, the patient is at the heart of everything we do. This sentiment is echoed in technologies ranging from wearables and mHealth to telehealth and remote patient monitoring, with the aim of generating data we didn’t have before, improving collaboration and integration, and fostering communication and education.


The driving force behind all this innovative goodness? To improve patient care and engagement. Today’s patients are becoming more engaged in their own healthcare, and as a result are starting to drive the requirement for better information consolidation and integration. Technology empowers patients to be more informed and more proactive, delivering greater access to their own health data. This year, we decided to highlight this growing trend by building our entire HIMSS booth around it, focusing on Powering Patient Care Through Technology!

With technology enabling better and more open lines of communication to healthcare providers 24/7, patients are no longer recipients but vital participants in the continuum of care. And as the delivery of value-based care continues to expand across healthcare, meeting the modern patient’s needs is imperative, helping them to be Empowered, Mobile, Secure and Connected. Our HIMSS booth contains four patient stations that will bring each of these concepts to life:

  1. Empowered Patient. See how patients are putting themselves at the center of their care
  2. Mobile Patient. Find out how patients are embracing mobility for better health
  3. Secure Patient. Learn how providers are transforming their infrastructures for total optimization, accessibility and security
  4. Connected Patient. Learn about ways patients are staying connected to caregivers and other providers

Check out these patient-focused resources to keep up with the latest technology advances powering the patient experience:

Are you headed to HIMSS15? Visit us to see the patient experience firsthand. Check out what we’ve got planned for HIMSS15 and Booth #1231 where we’ll be Powering Patient Care Through Technology!

Looking for technology to help support your patient care and engagement efforts?

For more information on a variety of technology solutions from patient data management to EHR support to back-end infrastructure, visit CDW Healthcare’s CommunIT.

Nancy Ragont is Senior Manager of Segment Marketing at CDW Healthcare