The Efficient Data Center: Why I’m attending the Green Grid Tech Forum

Five years ago cries of a catastrophe in the data center were rampant as people vocally worried about the data center meltdown due to unbridled energy use, inefficient buildings, and escalating server power use.

That, I think, is exactly the kind of challenge serious engineers enjoy! Today the industry has responded with efficiency metrics like Power Usage Effectiveness, improved uses of UPS systems that minimize power loss, Improvements in data center design, higher efficiency power supplies, and energy propoational computing, among other serious improvements.

  • At the outset of the effort, PUE of 1.5 was thought state of the art. Today we see the efficient data center reaching PUE of 1.1 regularly.

The  problem is, even, with that major progress, the demands have only grown larger.

Energy efficient data centers and IT have moved from a good idea to a key area of differentiation for some businesses. What is the state of the art in energy efficiency metrics and technology?

Sustainable IT is emerging as a business necessity.. What metrics for carbon and water usage can a data center manager use to measure and drive improvement?

California and the UK have adopted strict carbon regulations, such as the CRC. What is the data center  industry doing to respond to these challenges?

What activity is going on in Europe and Japan in state of the art data center efficiency?

How do sustainability criteria affect data center site selection?

These kinds of questions will be addressed at the upcoming Green Grid Technical Forum in Santa Clara, CA. The Green Grid Technical Forum will provide new technical content, training, and discussions on industry trends.

I plan on attending, so should you.

Register to secure your spot at this important industry event on March 1-2, 2011 in Santa Clara, CA. For more info and the full agenda go to the event page for The Green Grid Technical Forum or contact The Green Grid Administration via e-mail.