The Evolving Workplace

Ever since visiting my father’s office as a small child, I realized the importance of personalizing my workplace. Seeing pictures of the family on his desk, diplomas on the wall, and the surrounding library of books communicated who he was and how capable he was at his job.

Mixed with those personal effects were productivity tools: whiteboards, inbox/outbox, paper, printers, Rolodexes, various office supplies, and the ever-abundant Post-it note. Today, much of this clutter has been automated by modern applications, technology and devices — and this is especially true when I consider social media tools. I found the cartoon below summed up the integration of these desk-based productivity tools nicely.


We’ve significantly reduced our desktop clutter through digital devices and applications. As a result, many of the traditional workplace effects are now relics of the past, replaced with new tools that house photos, collect our notes, organize our contacts, send our communications, and so on.

As new digital tools are introduced and virtualized workspaces continue to evolve, the traditional desk setup will evolve again. If we focus on what is cluttering our desks today, why do we still deal with the mess of tangled wires and plugging and unplugging from the devices needed to get our work done?

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Last week, Intel introduced its 5th Generation Core processors, which offer a wire-free work experience and mobile collaboration tools, resulting in an improvement in work productivity. Thinner, lighter devices will leave us free and flexible while working on the go — all day long, with battery life topping eight hours on a single charge. A secure wireless docking experience and wireless display experience paired with new hands-free voice command technology take the hassle out of working on the go.

I found this Intel IT Center white paper highlighting modern collaborative technologies to be helpful in showcasing the future of work technology and experiences. As a remote worker, conventional office accessories prove ineffective and unwieldy for my daily tasks. The modern collaboration technology I look forward to most is the shared virtual interactive whiteboard.

What technology do you want that can provide you a better way to work?


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