The Future of Healthcare for CIOs

As HIMSS14 approaches in a few days, we are sharing a pre-show guest blog series from health IT industry experts on trends you can expect to hear about at the event. Below is a guest contribution from Jean Cleghorn, Private Practice & Physician Healthcare Technology Liaison at HP.

These days, buzzwords like “interoperability” and “patient engagement” have taken the healthcare industry by storm and it’s become harder to determine what solutions will actually drive your business forward. Whether you are a doctor or an administrator, you want to make sure you have access to all patient information and ensure patients are fully informed about their treatment plans so that hospital resources are being maximized. So how does technology play a role in transforming the continuum of care and how can CIOs help make the best decisions for their business?

The healthcare industry has historically lagged behind other industries in its adoption of emerging technology trends. That’s no longer the case. New technologies like cloud and mobile-enabled healthcare have empowered CIOs to transform their hospitals, creating a better environment for patients and doctors alike.

Access to data at any time, anywhere in the hospital, is a critical concern for any CIO, and technology like EHRs for all patient information is leading to improved patient care and efficiency for administrators and caregivers. Even with the realization that the future of health IT is moving towards a more streamlined, “patient first” approach, CIOs may not always feel confident in their abilities to protect and share all of that sensitive information across networks connecting hospitals, doctors, specialists and medical researchers. But implementing technologies doesn’t have to be so difficult, and in the end, it’s worth the effort. For example, tablets and PCs can provide access to EMRs, thin client and print solutions can streamline workflow, and workstations provide the performance and reliability required for hospitals.

Next week at HIMSS 2014, HP is demonstrating how customers like Jump and OSF HealthCare are using HP technologies powered by Intel to transform the continuum of patient care. As you can see in the video below, technology from tablets to thin clients can be used to help update vital patient statistics, manage automated workflows that help doctors respond quickly, and ensure that full medical histories are at doctors’ fingertips. Check it out for more best practice tips.

You can see the technology in action at HIMSS at HP booth #1949.

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