The Future of Wearable Diagnostic Tools

Thanks to technology, patients are becoming more engaged with their own healthcare. Wearable devices are just one way that patients are helping to provide more data about themselves and their conditions.

To learn more about this trend and find out what’s next with wearables, Intel Health and Life Sciences General Manager Eric Dishman recently sat down with Gunnar Trommer, Ph. D., Vice President, Marketing and Business Development at Sotera Wireless, to discuss the company’s new wearable form factor that measures vital signs and transmits the data wirelessly to a physician and into an EMR.

The device is able to continuously monitor blood pressure readings and provide ICU-level diagnostics. In the above video, Gunnar shares his insights on wearable technology and how it can improve patient outcomes.

Watch the conversation and let me know what questions you have about wearables and the future of patient participation in healthcare data.