The Hoosier State Standardizes on Intel Xeon based Servers

Interesting new article posted on Computerworld explaining how the State of Indiana saved nearly $14M by consolidating their seven data centers into one (plus a second for disaster recovery) while also reducing server count by one-third through virtualization.

We’ve learned that they did this by standardizing on the 4 Socket Intel Xeon 7300 processor based Dell PowerEdge R900s.  This is a great example of an innovative IT department conducting large scale server consolidation to improve operational efficiency and reduce costs.

Dell IT’s own global standard virtualization model incorporates the 4 Socket Intel® Xeon 7300 processor based Dell PowerEdge R900 as the centerpiece, where they have virtualized more than 5,000 servers and saved the company over US$29 million using a scalable, worldwide virtualization model.  Click here to learn more about that as well.

Come talk to us if you’re not seeing similar consolidation benefits or savings, we’d like to help.


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