The Intel NUC: An easy way to get audio out of your Ivy Bridge NUC

One of the issues I had with the Ivy Bridge NUCs was that they didn't have an analog audio jack.  Audio was through HDMI only.  So if you had a monitor with DVI input you could use a cheap adapter to get video from the NUC but not audio.  If you wanted video AND audio you had to get an expensive HDMI converter.  Bummer.  Fortunately it's something that was addressed on the new NUC, so problem solved.  Unless you already had your NUC and didn't want to buy another one just to get an audio jack. If that sounds like you, here's what I recommend: Bluetooth.

I have my Ivy Bridge NUC on my workbench in the garage.  I have a monitor set up on the bench but it's not HDMI. It's an older AOC with DVI input and I use an HDMI-to-DVI adapter (got it free with a video card a while back) to get video.  For audio I use an inexpensive bluetooth speaker (you can get them online for as little as $10 these days). It works great, no audio jack required.  In my opinion bluetooth is one of the things Linux does just as well as Windows and pairing with the speaker is a snap.  The quality of the audio is only limited by the speaker, so you can go cheap if you "just want to hear it" or pricey if you want it to blow your socks off.

So if you have an Ivy Bridge NUC and just love it to death but don't have an HDMI monitor, don't despair.  Bluetooth speakers are cheap and they work great!