The Intel NUC: Hulu add-on for XBMC available!

Hi all.  Believe it or not there's an XBMC add-on for Hulu available now in beta.  That means if you're running Linux & XBMC on your NUC you can get Hulu content, no Windows needed!

I'm currently testing it on Linux Mint with XBMC Frodo.  The picture quality is excellent.  I'm getting some buffering occasionally but on the whole it's working pretty well.  I'm actually a little annoyed because the video quality is better through this "beta" add-on than it is through Hulu Desktop in Windows.

You can download the repository here:

To install it, in XBMC go to System-Settings-Add-ons and select "Install from zip".  After that you'll be able to install the Hulu add-on.