The Intel NUC: Mounting Options

So you have your shiny new NUC.  You have everything set up and it's working great. But it's sitting there next to your TV or monitor and as nice looking as it is you want it to be out of site.  It's time to mount it and get it out of the way.  If you're using a computer monitor with VESA holes on the back you're in great shape.  The included bracket attaches to the back of the monitor in seconds and you have a nice all-in-one look to your setup.  But what if you have your monitor mounted on the wall?  You're already using the VESA holes for the wall mount. Now what?  Do you duct tape it to the back of the monitor, going for a steam punk look?  Do you start drilling new holes in the back of your monitor? (Um, the answer to that one is NO).  Double-stick tape?  I started thinking about a good way to mount the NUC on the back of a wall-mounted monitor.  Initially I envisioned an elaborate "cage" assembly that wrapped around the NUC.  From there I thought a mount within a mount would be nice.  Then I realized I was making it more complicated than it needed to be.  A simple generic plate with VESA holes could work and end up looking great.  You'd need a plate about 4" by 10" with VESA holes on both ends.  Then you could attach the place between the monitor and the wall mount on one end and attach the NUCs mounting plate on the other.  That would put the NUC off to the side but still well out of view.

Another scenario is using the NUC as an HTPC.  Most larger tvs don't have holes in the right position for the NUC plate.  My 47" tv for example has mount holes about 15" apart.  Here again a simple solution could be the best solution.  Head to the hardware store and pick up a collar adapter to take one of the TV's mount holes down to the size of the NUCs included screws.  You can either mount it with one screw (which could be a little iffy) or you can run a strip of metal across two of the mount holes on the back of the tv and attach the NUC plate to it.

Or, and I'm just getting crazy now, you could mount the NUC plate to the wall next to your TV.  It looks surprisingly nice on the wall, especially if you have a minimum number of cables coming off of it.  If you have a skin-it skin on your NUC, all the better.  Now it's displayed loud and proud.

What other mounting solutions are there? Can you think of a creative/cool way to mount the NUC?