The Next Big Threat

Maze.jpgIn the first installment in a series from Semiconductor Engineering, The Next Big Threat declares how security is no longer just a software problem.  They are absolutely correct and bring up a number of important points, describing how the emerging threats have evolved into a combined hardware, software, and networking problem.  One which is much more difficult to tackle.

The problems of securing our cyber lives are getting more complex.  When we look at how an explosion of devices are being connected to the vast pools of critical information, we must recognize what is at stake.  With a flood of new applications, services, and form factors, the importance of a holistic view of hardware, operating systems, software, and networking is necessary to understand how threats are maneuvering to find vulnerable areas to exploit.  All these options represent new avenues for attackers to undermine security.  It is a potential bonanza of opportunities, which security must cover.

Nowadays, everyone must help protect more than just their own assets.  We, as a community, must also protect the technology market itself.  Never in the history of mankind has technology innovation and proliferation been so fast to establish control over the most valuable parts of our lives.  We are on the verge, for the first time ever, of having those valuable assets we hold so dear, be at serious risk.  If the threats begin to dominate, then the era of ‘cyber’ will begin to suffer. 

At the strategic level, this radical expanse of attack surfaces is yet another reason why cyber security leadership is so important to change the industry.  We must work cooperatively together as well as through the different layers of technology if we are to keep pace and defend our information, privacy, and businesses.  The industry experts and security leaders are working hard to integrate the protection features embedded in silicon, firmware, operating systems, applications, and supporting services to create interwoven capabilities to prevent and recover from cyber attacks.  Such collaboration across the largely independent domains of technology is required to keep pace with the pressure from rapidly evolving threats. 

With the obvious rise in risks, I look forward to the upcoming changes in the security industry to return balance to the equation.

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Matthew Rosenquist is a Cybersecurity Strategist for Intel Corp and benefits from 20+ years in the field of security. He specializes in strategy, measuring value, and developing cost effective capabilities and organizations which deliver optimal levels of security. Matthew helped with the formation of the Intel Security Group, an industry leading organization bringing together security across hardware, firmware, software and services. An outspoken advocate of cybersecurity, he strives to advance the industry and his guidance can be heard at conferences, and found in whitepapers, articles, and blogs.