The Next Generation of Small Business Collaboration

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Business meetings require a delicate balance: Successful meetings should inspire action and ideas, and nothing numbs enthusiasm faster than a bad phone connection. Even the greatest presentations grind to a halt in the face of incompatible connectors and missing cords, dropped conference calls and the extended shuffle of switching between presenters.

Large enterprise-level businesses have all sorts of digital collaboration software and remote meeting tools, while small businesses are often priced out, wasting time with emailed or printed presentations and clunky conference calls. But small businesses need smooth, agile meetings to compete in the modern marketplace.

To help, we built Intel Unite, a secure, versatile wireless digital collaboration tool priced to give small business a leg up. Participants can share screens, collaborate in real time, and ditch the dongles and wires. Our latest rollout includes some exciting, relevant new features.

Improved Guest Security

A great new feature of Intel Unite is its guest access plug-in. Guest users don’t need to log on to corporate internet to participate in a meeting; they simply download the plug-in and jump right in, with the tightest security. Rigorous testing and quality upgrades have improved the security of guest access. Hardware-enhanced security powered by Intel vPro technology ensures that all data is encrypted with 256-bit Secure Socket Layers (SSL).

Wade Kilgore, vice president of technical operations at Axxys Technologies, was impressed with how easy Intel Unite was to use. “We installed this for our customer, Texoma Health Foundation, because they hold many meetings with teams and individuals from other organizations, and therefore huddle around a conference room table and screens a lot,” says Kilgore. “They were able to quickly load the software with minimal guidance and begin using the features to collaborate right way.”

Keeping your small business data secure is more important than ever, especially when you're sharing content online. These new security features go hand in hand with a burgeoning volume of data.

Tailored Guest Access

Another enhanced feature of the Intel Unite tool is meeting lock and PIN access. Intel Unite now offers a scheduled meeting feature that integrates PIN scheduling, which allows business employees to book a room with Unite and create a shortcut URL for the meeting invite. It’s easy to invite or forward the invitation to others who may have been missed or want to join after the initial invitation has been sent.

Meeting lock and PIN access limits access to only the people who are invited to the meeting, so you know all content you share is confidential. Guests each receive a unique PIN to enter the meeting.

Connect on Your Device, Wherever You Are

A big advantage for small businesses is agility. Decisions can be made quickly, without bureaucratic processes that slow the larger enterprise. Mobile devices are a tremendous boon to small business, allowing leaders and employees to work out in the field. In fact, more than eight in ten small business owners use a mobile device at least once a day for business; customer communication dominates over half of that usage.

Intel Unite’s latest release of an iOS app joins the existing Android and Chrome support — and you can expect more supported devices in the future. Now you can join a meeting using Intel Unite on iPad, a computer, or other devices. So whether you’re working from home, across the country, or around the world, you can still view all the content your team is looking at and participate fully in the meeting.

With a collaborative meeting tool developed with you in mind, it’s easier than ever to find solutions quickly with clients and employees.

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