The Things I Like About My Job at Intel IT

I am fortunate to work in a small program within Intel IT, the IT@Intel program. Our charter is to connect other IT professionals with their peers inside Intel IT in order to share IT best practices. The appealing thing about working here is that I get to see the neat things going on within Intel IT and I hope to start to share, not only the interesting things we are working on but the people that are doing the work.

So, here is my first foray: Recently, I was lucky enough to work with five people on a series of four short videos that show how Intel IT embraces innovation and emerging technologies. Below is what caught my attention about each of the videos:
Meet Gregg Wyant, Chief Technology Officer and General Manager of Strategy, Architecture and Innovation. In this video, Cultivating IT Innovation. I love the part where Gregg says “IT is the nervous system, the pulse of the organization”. It is easy to think of IT as the Technical Assistance Center, but seriously, how would the company run without IT?

In IT Information Security Starts At Home, Alan Ross, Senior Principal Engineer, Information Security, is quoted “ Technology isn’t the whole solution to security issues.” “Users are the other. They’re the stewards of information.”  I think this joint responsibility, users and technology together, is step 1 in protecting not just the intellectual property of the company but our own personal privacy as well.

Context awareness in the enterprise relies on personal data to help unleash employee productivity. Where is the right balance? Dave Stone from the Strategy, Architecture and Innovation Group discusses context awareness and IT consumerization in Context Awareness: Making Sense of Data. In a side conversation I had with Dave he says it is interesting that people will share private information in public social communities but are reluctant to share the same information with their employers.

And rounding out this cool series is Jim Baca, Principal Engineer, Intel IT and Selim Aissi, Ultra Mobility Group, Intel Architecture Group in Enterprise Mobility: The Seamless Experience. I often think “when will there be a one device to do everything, something that will morph to my every whim?” Jim and Selim predict that each device will become better at talking to each other, creating a seamless experience, but there will not be a need for one ‘master’ device.

When you watch these short videos you will get a glimpse of the diverse technical and personal backgrounds of the people that are actually doing the work, as well as their unique perspectives on what the future looks like within their areas of expertise…Check them out!

If you have an area within Intel IT you would like to hear more about, let me know. I look forward to giving you more insight into the people that keep Intel running.