The Top 10 Reasons to Buy a 2 in 1

It’s time your devices kept up with your life. You no longer have to buy three or four different devices to use at various points throughout your day. More and more business owners are discovering that they can go from morning to midnight with just one device, as long as it’s the right device. Tablets and, more specifically, versatile combinations like the 2 in 1, can help you get more done in a day by seamlessly integrating everything into one device. Good riddance to the days of needing a bulky desktop for work, a laptop for home, and a smartphone on the go. With a versatile device like a 2 in 1, you get it all in one thin, lightweight package.

The Power of a Laptop, the Mobility of a Tablet

As a business owner, you wear a dozen hats every day — you need a device that can keep up. The last thing you want to do is lug around a heavy laptop from home to work to running errands, just so you can sneak in a few minutes of work here and there. You need a device that can multitask, shifting seamlessly from a tablet to a laptop and back again.

Intel Core and Atom Processors Inside

When investing in a new device, go for the fastest, most energy-efficient processor on the market. The new generation of Intel Core processors are bringing cutting-edge performance to cars, microservers, healthcare devices, and, yes, even 2 in 1s.

Leading Technologies Like RealSense Included

The new features in this generation of tablets are mind-blowing. Take RealSense, for example. Intel’s revolutionary RealSense sensors recognize natural gestures and facial expressions, allowing for intuitive interactions. So if you’re ready for less typing and more swiping, you’re in luck.

int_brand_1049_WiDiTablet_5600_rgb.jpgEasy to Travel and Stow

By far one of the best parts of switching to a tablet is the portability. You can take your work with you and get a little work done here and there, whenever you have a free moment. Fold flat, twist the screen for a better angle, or remove it altogether. 2 in 1 devices are lightweight and powerful, so you can slip them in your (already-stuffed) carry-on bag.

Get to Work in a Flash with Instant On

The best mobile devices on the market today are designed to power up fast. Thanks to the 6th Generation Intel Core M processor inside your 2 in 1, it takes less than a second to power up. At the touch of a button, your device is ready to go.

Major Battery Life

Tired of rushing to finish an email before your laptop’s battery dies? You need an upgrade. Tablets often boast a much longer battery life, so you can actually go all day without stopping to recharge. The 2 in 1, for instance, gives you one of the most powerful batteries on the market, with up to 10 hours on a single charge.

Powerful Performance

That long battery life doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice performance. Tablets have made huge leaps in speed and storage space since they first came on the scene. You no longer have to choose between portability and power; the new generation of Intel processors give you 17 percent better Web performance, 20 percent faster video conversion, and a 12 percent boost in productivity.

They’re Affordable

Gone are the days of sky-high prices for cutting edge technology. In fact, compared to other options on the market this season, tablets are often the most afforable way to go. Tablets and 2 in 1s are cost effective, with most priced at or lower than an ordinary laptop. Why would you buy one device when you can get two for the price of one?

People Love Using Them in Different Ways

Recent studies have found that mobile devices are changing the way we use technology.  A third of the time spent on these machines is used to do things that simply aren’t possible on a traditional laptop.

They’re Seriously Fun

We all need a break from time to time. When you’re ready to ditch the spreadsheets for a little gaming, you should choose a device that can keep up. Core processors are the fuel for powerful gaming. Gaming and streaming at the same time? No problem for the new generation of processors.

2 in 1 devices bring versatility, power, and portability together into one device. Go from answering emails to streaming your favorite show in an instant — because you shouldn’t need a new device every time you have to switch gears.

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