The Value That IT Can Bring to Business – Let’s Talk

I work inside the Intel IT organization and my job is to share our key learnings with other IT professionals.  The purpose of this blog is to kick-off an information exchange between IT professionals.

Most people around the world understand that the best way to collect information to help us be successful in our professional or personal life is through information sharing (exhibit social media).

And the best source of this information often comes from our peers - the people that do the same jobs as us.  Why?  Because our peers are doing the same thing we are and they might know a better way to do something or maybe they are willing to share a horror story around a mistake they made - that can help us avoid repeating it. The best practices and the painful lessons learned in this information exchange are extremely valuable.

Have you ever bought something off Amazon* or any other on-line retailer?  Did you read the user ratings and comments - both the good and bad - of people who had already bought the product or service before making your decision?   I do.

Peer to Peer information sharing is a best practice for IT professionals as well - and the implications of making a mistake are larger - you may not be able to return that investment later if you don't like it.

As IT professionals, we all share a common bond and purpose --> to use Information Technology to support, enable and grow our respective businesses.  The end game? For us, the IT organization at Intel, delivering the value of IT to Intel and create a competitive advantage for our business.

To start our discussion, I want to share the 2010-2011 Intel IT Annual Performance Report (APR).  This is the 10th year the Intel IT organization has created this report which describes the methods, techniques, investments, and strategies that we have already deployed, while also covering the future trends, challenges and opportunities.

What you will find inside the Intel IT APR includes:

  • Letter and Video from Diane Bryant, Intel's CIO
  • Key IT initiatives and the impact they have on our business
  • Sections covering hottest IT trends including Consumerization, Cloud Computing and Enterprise Security
  • Projects that saved money and resources in 2010
  • Projects that improved productivity of our employees
  • Projects that have accelerated the speed, agility and efficiency of core business processes

There are several versions of the Intel IT Annual Performance Report available - take your pick

  • (Coming soon) Download Standard PDF - the regular, ready to print version great for reading cover to cover
  • Download Interactive PDF version - an easy to navigate version to bounce quickly from topic to topic  
  • (Coming soon) Interactive Tool - a rich media interactive experience to dive deeper and explore tools we use

While I encourage you to explore the resources above, what I’d like most is for you to join me in some focused discussions in this community on the topics below with my fellow Intel IT professionals


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