Thoughts from DistribuTECH Day 1: Mobility and Collaboration

DistribuTECH 2016 is off to a strong start with lots of activity on the show floor, particularly around mobility and collaboration tools.

Workforce transformation is a key business driver in the energy industry, given that 50 percent of current field workforce is planning to retire in the coming seven years, combined with new collaboration and IT skillset requirements for the existing workforce and all new hires. Mobility and collaboration platforms for the energy industry enable field operators to see process data (DCS data) for their operating units, access historical operating data, collect data for predictive maintenance, train more effectively, and read/sign off on standard operating procedures. Everywhere I turned today there were mobile tools to help this workforce transformation that we are going to see.

Want to see mobility in action? Watch this new video that shows how Iberdrola Renewables rolled out a tablet program for its field workers.

What are you seeing on the DisribuTECH show floor that interests you?