Three Things I Took Away From the Intel Developer Forum

... and i'm not talking about the giveaways 🙂

Last week I spent on the road between a few days at the Intel Developer Forum and then at the Insight Conference in Denver.  At both events, I was speeking about the Intel IT private cloud computing implementation around why and what we are implementing inside our business.  But during the conference I alo had the change to see a lot of exhibits, talk to a lot of technology professionals and IT peers, and listen in on a CIO panel discussion. While the week was filled with learning, three things stood out for me both professionally and personally.

1) Every CIO's priorities are driven by business needs, however the challenges they face are dramatically similar.  Topics of security, consumerization, collaboration, employee productivity, business efficiency and IT leadership (ie leading their organizations) are front and center.  Some interesting insights / quotes from the panel I wrote down:

     "Security model is shifting from the firewall to the end piont device"

     "IP is everything - must protect it"

     "enterprise security requires partnership with employees"

     "we're measuring producitivity in minutes"

     "work is done in smaller increments" ... but with more people involved"

     "the openness of social media and consumerization is contrary to requirements to secure IP"

     "requirements of enterprise security and consumer security are fundamentaly different"

     "CIO role is changing and growing in importance"

     "IT cannot be the department of No"


2) Cloud Computing remains a mis-understood confusing topic.  There are so many definitions, techologies, solutions and delivery models that get associated with the term "cloud" and the hype cycle on cloud is at full peak.  The concern I have is that because the term "cloud" elicits a variety of reactions (often bi-polar) of strong endorsement or strong skepticism and concern.  As I share the Intel IT cloud computing strategy and implementation roadmap a few items garner most of the questions from IT professionals - the good thing is we have our answers already .. does your IT group?

     "how are you defining cloud computing"

     "how are you balancing private vs public cloud"

     "how are you managing the services and applications in the virtualized environment"

     "how are you implementing self-service"

     "where are you doing application development" 

3) Smart TV is pretty cool.  Prior to IDF, I'd heard about the concept but did not understand its usage model.  The demos really caught my interest and when these devices come out, I will certainly talk to my wife about purchase. If you want to learn more about Smart TV, start here