’Tis the Season for Faster, More Efficient Storage

By Andrea Nelson, Director of Storage Product Marketing at Intel

With Thanksgiving about two weeks away, I need to start thinking about my holiday shopping.  ‘Why start so early’, you ask?  The list of people I need to shop for is not small; husband, son, daughter, nieces, nephews, godchild, and a family that we sponsor, all spread out all over the U.S.  And of course, there are special requests for gifts, some of which I’m not even sure exist. My son wants a remote control car that morphs into a dinosaur – is this even a thing I can purchase?  Please help!

And making this all the more difficult, my husband and I both work demanding jobs with little time to shop.

So what’s a working mom to do?  Two words:  Online Shopping.  While I love the traditional brick-and-mortar shopping experience, I find myself doing more and more research and shopping online.  It saves our family time and allows my husband and me to shop for our kids together.

You just can’t beat the flexibility and nearly instantaneous access to information.

But have you ever thought about what’s required to make all of this online convenience happen?

At the heart of this experience are copious amounts of data.  Product and service videos and photos, consumer reviews, browsing and transaction history, shipping information and much more.  It takes efficient, dense, and integrated processing solutions to store the large amounts of data generated. And, as the online shopping experience has evolved  the data generated has becoming increasingly more valuable as it is used to improve customer targeting and their experience by directing shoppers like me to the products and services that I may want to buy.

The need for that kind of data storage efficiency, density, and integration is at the heart of the new storage-focused offerings in the Intel® Xeon® processor D product family. This storage-focused SoC family, launched today, delivers the functionality of three chips in one: a CPU, a chipset for I/O, and integrated Intel® Ethernet networking. The result is an extremely dense, energy-efficient SoC that is ideally suited for data centers operators whose competitiveness hinges on their ability to store and process ever-larger amounts of data at an ever-lower cost-per-gigabyte. The Intel Xeon processor D product family offers the added benefit of support for a common software stack to run storage workloads that span across systems based on the Intel Xeon processor family. This built-in compatibility helps data center operators leverage Intel’s vast software ecosystem which brings a breadth of software, expertise and abilities to help them address the challenges brought about by servicing all those online transactions.

The new SoC offers other features to help datacenters deal with the valuable data gleaned from online shopping.  Enhanced I/O provides24 lanes of PCIe* 3.0, Intel® Quick Data Technology and other features help reduce cost, move data faster, and protect the valuable data that companies use to market products to you and me.

Put it together and you have an ideal holiday gift for cloud data center operators who want to raise the bar for online performance and efficiency. Online shopping companies like Amazon and Alibaba strive to provide great online shopping experiences, and a product like the Intel Xeon processor D product family can help make this happen.

Now, if only I could find a dinosaur-morphing remote control car for my son.

To dive down into the details on the new processor, visit the Intel Xeon processor D product family site. Or to hear some of our partners talking about the new SoC, watch this video.