Top 3 Reasons why Core Performance Matters in Server Virtualization

Virtualization of our infrastructure is a vital part of our eight year data center strategy that is on track to create $650M of Business Value for Intel by 2014. Currently 53% of our Office and Enterprise environment is virtualized. We are accelerating our virtualization efforts as we continue to build out our enterprise private cloud architecture for higher efficiency and agility.  We have tripled our rate of virtualization during 2010 and have set an internal goal to be 75% virtualized.

Along the way we realized that not all cores are created equal and the differences are perceptible in virtualization.  Here's why higher performing cores matter:

  1. For demanding and business critical VM workloads where throughput and responsiveness matters
  2. For dynamic VMs whose compute demands fluctuate throughout the day and could exceed the headroom of a lesser performing core
  3. Reduce software licensing costs as some vendors charge on a per core basis and higher performing cores require less sw instances

This video illustrates nicely why server core performance matters in virtualization.