Top Things Developers will Experience at Intel HPC Developer Conference

In just a matter of days (November 14 and 15 to be precise) Intel will host its annual Intel® HPC Developer Conference for the builders and creators that hold high performance computing near and dear to their heart. This year the conference will be held in Austin and will be just before SC15, celebrating all things super computer.

This year, the Intel developer teams are bringing top notch content and speakers to the event. Here are the top things that developers will experience at the Intel HPC Developer Conference 2015.

  1. Representatives from Super Computing Centres across the globe will dive into their projects, provide overviews of their progress and share learnings on topics including: machine learning on cryo-EM data; porting LHC detector simulations on Intel® Xeon® and Xeon Phi™ architectures; the benefits of leveraging software defined visualization; and P-k-d Trees – Massive, low-overhead particle ray tracing.
  2. The Intel developer ninjas will be on-site. Ok, it’s really the amazing people that are part of Intel’s elite black belt program, which recognizes people who go above and beyond in contributing to the Intel developer community and to helping our community with their projects. The Black Belts are at the show to help other developers get involved, to help make connections and increase collaboration, and to help answer questions drawing from their own years of expertise and experience. Access to this kind of talent and knowledge cannot be overvalued. Interested in the Black Belt program? More information is available here.
  3. Intel is going to award a student with an amazing prize. The Intel® Modern Code Developer Challenge invited students to improve the runtime performance on code that will be uses in a simulation of the interactive brain cells during the formation of the brain. Winners could receive a nine-week internship at CERNopenlab, a tour of CERNopenlab, or a trip to SC16! Intel, in partnership with CERNopenlab will announce winners on Saturday, November 14 at Intel HPC DevCon. To learn more about Intel’s partnership with CERNopenlab, visit:
  4. Hands-on time. Intel is hosting open lab spaces throughout Intel HPC Developer Conference and attendees will have a unique opportunity to access and use a variety of software tools. Conference-goers will also be able to connect their system to a training server with an Intel Xeon Phi coprocessor. There are special open lab sessions, led by Intel platform experts that will focus on performance issues, tools for optimization and building parallelization into code.

We’re looking forward to hearing about attendees’ experiences at the show. Tweet at us @IntelHPC and let us know. For more information about Intel HPC Developer Conference, check out the website: