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Every four years the world’s top athletes compete for gold in the most important sports competition in the world. While the race to the finish might only last a few seconds, minutes or hours, it’s the weeks and months of training before the athletes board the flight for Tokyo that leads to a finish atop the podium.

I’ve always been a runner, and a fairly competitive runner, and that requires training in order to maintain that competitiveness. An effective training regimen makes the difference between a runner who’s got a little extra in the tank to sprint to the finish, and the one that’s gassed and falls back in the final yards.

The importance of training to reach optimal performance is a good analogy in business and especially for the tech industry. Companies need help to keep pace with the changing landscape in order to stay competitive and that’s why leading companies are making the investment in training to equip their staff with the tools needed for success. It’s also why Intel® is investing in developing an innovative learning platform for its partners to help build the skills IT professionals need.

Training to Win

When you’re getting ready for a race, there’s a repertoire of training methods we employ to be at our best on race day. If I’m preparing for a marathon race, I wouldn’t run a marathon every day as training because that wouldn’t give me the extra speed I want to tap into when the time comes to sprint to the finish.

Instead, effective training includes anaerobic and aerobic training methods such as using interval training to build speed and tempo training to build strength, with long, slow distance training to build your ability to sustain a pace over an extended period of time. This training method lets you optimize your output and sets you up to perform better on race day.

You can apply the same analogy to training in business. You need to offer a variety of training methods from shorter, learning sprints like podcasts, to longer, more in-depth knowledge building competency programs to give your staff what they need to optimize their performance (and win more often)!

"[A]s the rate of skills change accelerates across both old and new roles in all industries, proactive and innovative skill-building and talent management is an urgent issue." World Economic Forum

Times Are Changing

When I started competing, we used qualitative methods, like how we feel, to judge pace and performance. We didn’t have GPS and heart monitors built into smart watches like we do now to give us precise performance data.

In business, we need to also use new tools and technologies to optimize our training performance. The latest training methodologies and technologies utilized by Intel® Partner University make our training curriculum even more dynamic, responsive and effective including:

  • Mobile’s a Must: There are 5.5 billion smartphones currently in use worldwide. Few employees are deskbound so we need to make curriculum readily accessible when and where they have time.
  • The YouTube Age: People want much more digestible bites of information so courses need to offer information in more abbreviated formats. In addition, research shows this kind of microlearning approach boosts retention by 22%.
  • Adaptive Learning: Artificial intelligence can help tailor training and development programs so they’re better targeted to employees. AI for intelligent content access is a powerful tool to help engage staff and improve outcomes.
  • Advanced Training to Upskill: College and university classrooms aren’t the only place for advanced learning; you can build competencies with the help of industry partners. Corporate training programs will be key to helping address the global skills shortage, which is expected to hit 85.2 million people by 2030.

Just like smart watches can optimize training for the next big race, you need to leverage new technologies and techniques to keep pace. Intel Partner University has been designed to fine tune a content-rich skills training program tailored to the needs of the digital age. We’ve carefully designed the platform to let employees take advantage of the breadth of learning methods we offer, from quick refreshers and bite-sized information to in-depth curriculum designed to help build new core competencies or capabilities and earn specialized badges as you extend services into new practice areas.

In a business environment where competition is fierce and the landscape is constantly changing, you need effective training to help your staff build the skills they need to win. Making the investment in training and upskilling is no longer optional if companies want to drive innovation and expand their expertise to compete at the highest levels.

Ready to up your training game? Learn more about Intel® Partner University.

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