Transforming Intel IT’s Data Centers

We recently formulated a new data center strategy to help us deliver improved IT services at lower cost.  At the center of our strategy is a new decision making model called "Model of Record".  This model is based on an approach Intel uses in its highly regarded and world-class Manufacturing environment.  We benchmark each of our data centers against a best achievable model which allows us to address the gaps that deliver the greatest improvements in velocity, quality, efficiency, and capacity.

In this paper we also describe a new set of key performance indicators and a new unit-costing model that better assesses and identifies where to deploy new technologies to deliver the greatest return on investment.  The 3 key goals we are striving towards include: 80% effective resource utilization across our environment, 10% annual improvement in cost efficiency, and meeting a tiered service-level agreement model.

Learn more about our new data center strategy in this white paper.