Transforming the Chaos at ETS16

The 2016 Energy Thought Summit, or ETS16, will deliver a great platform for the energy industry to transform the chaos currently going on in the marketplace. Global luminaries and brands from across the energy, IoT, telecom, computer, and software industries, including Intel, will descend in Austin, Texas from March 29 to March 31 to offer witness, clarity, and direction of the current state and future of our collective journey towards complete energy sustainability.

Keynoted by Vint Cerf, the list of ETS16 speakers reads like the hall of fame of the industries involved. Notable speakers like Bob Metcalfe, father of ethernet and now a professor of innovation at the University of Texas at Austin, and Massoud Amin, a professor of electrical engineering at the University of Minnesota and a self-healing grid expert, will share unfiltered answers to many questions on energy, networking, the internet, IoT, security, innovation, education, sustainability and much more.

If you are able to attend, you will also hear about the evolution of grid design strategies, technologies, and use cases pushing the centralized and traditional design vs. a new abundant distributed energy reality with emphasis on renewable resources and demand efficiencies from Cheryl Mele, senior vice president and COO at ERCOT, Wanda Reder, chief strategy officer at S&C Electric Company, and Pat Wilkinson, vice president and head of NA Energy Automation Businesses at Siemens.

I’m looking forward to learning how resilience requires looking at power resources system-wide—in campuses, buildings and microgrids; how the power balance landscape changes with real-time dynamic energy management including energy storage, distributed generation, electric vehicles and smart devices; how we protect and create a more secure grid with increasing renewables and energy storage; and how new solutions can address an array of interoperability, policy, business models and technology hurdles. Speaking on these subjects will be Nick Wagner, board member at Iown Utilities Board, Allan Schurr, president of Edison Energy, Anthony Locker, vice president of global product development & strategy at G&W Electric, and Lincoln Bleveans, power resources manager at Burbank Water & Power.

Please join me, Bob Metcalfe, Massoud Amin and the Class of ETS16 thought leaders, such as Anne Pramaggiore, CEO of ComEd, Scott Prochazka, CEO at CenterPoint Energy, and Ofer Bloch, CEO of Israel Electric Corporation, as we debate the state and future of energy.

What are you looking forward to hearing about at ETS16?