Transforming the Workplace by Breaking Habits

Humans are creatures of habit. Whether it’s the tall, non-fat, extra foam vanilla latte that you can’t start your day without, the route you walk to work, or “your” table in the cafeteria, I’ll bet you follow a whole host of little routines every day. They put you at ease, remove the need to worry so much about what might be around the corner, and generally help you get through the day a little easier.


I’m not knocking it; I like my coffee as much as the next guy. But when this love of familiarity starts to infiltrate the way we work, it can become dead weight. So today, in this fourth blog in my series exploring the impact of the third Industrial Revolution on the financial services industry, we’re going to look at cultural change.

The Revolution from Within

As we’ve seen already, if you want to succeed in this new world of SMAC stack, cloud, and big data analytics, it’s essential that your business remains innovative and agile. You need to be able to change direction quickly when customer demand or the market calls for it. While driving up business velocity, organizations also need to optimize their productivity — there is no point in moving faster if you have to do everything twice. It’s also becoming increasingly important to attract and retain the best and brightest talent — including Millennials and Digital Natives — and to figure out ways to unlock the hidden intelligence buried in your organization.

At Intel, we are working on initiatives with the HR, IT, and facilities teams — both internally and at our customers’ sites — looking at how we can transform workplaces while inspiring employees to get on board with the changes. We’re exploring collaboration, facilities, and personal productivity to help change-wary workers see how they can benefit from more connected and efficient processes. Even simple things can make a big difference, like identifying the person who has the information you need for a project, finding a free conference room, or eliminating wires.


Creating a Better Way to Work

We have an exciting workplace transformation roadmap in place, with new user experiences for enterprise devices, which we shared at our Intel Developer Forum in San Francisco in September 2014. The new features include integrating wireless display technology, wireless docking, wireless charging, and our You Are Your Password concept. This is a multifactor authentication model that uses biometrics, your phone, and your badge to identify you, dispensing the need for employees to remember passwords.

Indeed, 2015 is set to see a lot of exciting advances and activity in this area. The key to making the most of them lies in making sure you communicate the benefits clearly to your teams, and share best practices with them. Once they see that by making a process more efficient they can spend an extra five minutes speaking to customers (or at their daily tai chi session), they’ll soon jump on board.

Tune in soon for the last blog in this series, where I’ll be discussing the importance of IT security for fostering trust in your brand’s identity.

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Mike Blalock

Global Sales Director

Financial Services Industry, Intel

This is the fourth installment of the Tech & Finance blog series.

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