Turning Big Data into Big Answers


Talk live with an Intel IT Center expert: Sure, Big Data is a big deal. But with new sources and growing volumes of data flooding in daily, how do you turn all of that data into meaningful insights that give your business a competitive advantage?  In this live interactive webinar, Intel IT experts Ajay Chandramouly and Ron Kasabian will distill what the Intel Big Data Solutions Group has learned about maximizing the value of big data analytics and the cloud. Bryce Olson, Business Strategist at Intel Corporation, will moderate the interactive discussion.

Based on three years of planning and hands-on experience, they will provide practical steps for guiding your Big Data and Cloud initiatives. The discussion will include:

  • How Intel is optimizing Apache Hadoop deployments
  • How Intel is using Big Data to bring new products to market faster
  • How predictive analytics are saving millions across the company

Join this live forum, ask questions, and learn how to turn Big Data into hugely beneficial information your company can act on. Live May 15th at 9am PDT. Register Here