Two Days in the Cloud…with Curry

There isn't a hotter place for technology now than Asia Pacific. Rate of adoption of new technologies is at a fever pitch, and if you consider population present in this region, an uptick of 10% of the market represents adding the population of the US to the connected world. And while the whole region is growing, the unique thing about APAC is that it consists of established markets (i.e. Korea, Australia & New Zealand), relatively established growth markets (i.e. India), and go-go emerging markets (i.e. Malaysia, Vietnam) representing unique challenges for market advancement.

All of this growth represents major business opportunities for new cloud computing services, placing an urgency on building the data center infrastructure to keep pace with emerging requirements. Within this context, Intel delivered two days of deep training on cloud computing in Penang this week to the leading data center managers from throughout the region as well as leading regional press. We brought along our friends from the Cloud Builders program to highlight the latest in Reference Architectures and talked a bit about the Open Data Center Alliance's vision for the cloud. In all, it was one of the most engaged crowds I've been around in a long time, and learning flowed to both ends of the conversation as customers shared their unique challenges and we shared the latest innovations in cloud.

Over the next few days I'll be providing some specific thoughts on trends and opportunities observed from the the meantime, let me know if you've got any specific input or questions on how the cloud looks to play out in Asia.