Two generations of Intel Atom SoC to power HP’s Moonshot servers in 2013

Intel Atom S1200 helps HP Moonshot to lift off today.

HP and Intel® have been collaborating for a few years on project Moonshot to bring new levels of density, efficiency and TCO for light weight web workloads such as static web and dedicated hosting.  Yesterday, HP unveiled their first generation Moonshot systems and I am excited to see that the first and only production HP ProLiant Moonshot servers available today are based on the Intel® Atom® S1200 processor family.

HP chose to lead with the Intel Atom™ processor for many reasons.  First, HP and Intel have a long history of collaboration and we have brought many innovations to market first on Intel and HP’s platforms.  Second, the Intel Atom S1200 processor is the industry’s only available 64-bit SoC with critical data center class features such as full 64-bit software ecosystem support, ECC and Intel Virtualization Technology - all within an ultra-low power 6W TDP.  This means that today the ProLiant Moonshot servers using Atom S1200 can drop into any environment and software applications will run seamlessly on the server without porting needed.  The lower power you want, with the software applications you need.  Third, this SoC was designed for targeted lightweight web scale workloads, including low-end dedicated hosting, simple content delivery, and offline batch analytics making Intel Atom S1200 the perfect SoC solution for HP Moonshot’s target markets.

Moonshot servers with the Intel Atom S1200 are shipping to customers today and receiving great reviews.  We look forward to sharing more results from customers going forward as these implementations go public.  We also look forward to seeing Moonshot systems that will take advantage of higher density HP ProLiant Moonshot servers using Intel’s next generation Atom SoC coming later this year.  The next gen servers will be built on Intel’s 2nd generation 64-bit Intel Atom SoC, code named “Avoton”.  Avoton is built on Intel’s leading 3D tri-gate 22-nanometer (nm) process technology and is based on a new microarchitecture codenamed “Silvermont”.  It will feature an integrated Ethernet fabric controller and deliver improvements over today’s Intel Atom S1200 in performance per watt and energy efficiency through a combination of new capabilities, new microarchitecture and leadership manufacturing technology. Avoton is now being sampled to customers and the first systems are expected to be available in second half of 2013. Moonshot servers using Avoton will quadruple the density (4 Avoton SoCs per server) vs. the current generation just announced using Intel Atom S1200.

Want to see these two fabulous energy sipping SoCs? Here you go.  Avoton is on my right, the Intel Atom S1200 on my left.


2013 is and will be a great year for Intel and HP Moonshot. We have not only enabled the first Moonshot system to lift-off but with Avoton we will also bring HP Moonshot’s customers a revolution in energy efficiency and performance per watt to drive major TCO improvements when processing lightweight web scale workloads. For more information on this announcement and the future of Intel’s microserver products, please visit or contact me on twitter with more questions - @RaejeanneS.