UK Seminars to Focus on Care Coordination, Collaboration & Security

Technology is making patient care a true team sport. Care coordination and collaboration among clinicians is now more available than ever before and a key area of emphasis for the NHS moving forward.  Security must also play a big part in this technology revolution, as patient data must be private and secure.

To address these key health IT components, Intel is hosting two seminars in London and Manchester coming up on May 14 and May 16 that will demonstrate the outcome benefits of key enabling technologies such as big data analytics, data mining, and mobility.

The full-day events give you an opportunity to listen to presentations and participate in collaborative sessions with healthcare industry experts. You will also be able to:

• Learn how healthcare organisations are developing workflows that enable sharing of information, remove barriers to care integration and support clinical and integrated governance

• See how information yielded by big data analytics can lead to improved clinical outcomes and treatment options for patients, significant research insights, improved care coordination and enhanced patient safety

• Hear from industry leaders about ways to keep mobile clinical tools (tablets, smartphones) safe from security risks.

Among the featured speakers are Antony Sumara, CEO at Royal Bolton Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, who will be on hand in London on May 14. Most recently, Mr. Sumara has been involved in supporting failing organisations throughout the country, including University Hospital of North Staffordshire, Hillingdon and Mid Staffs NHS Foundation Trust. He was sent by “Monitor” and the DH, to rescue Mid Staffs and to restore public confidence in the Trust.

In Manchester, Bill Ollier, a Professor of Immunogenetics at Manchester University and Director of the Centre for Integrated Genomic Medical Research, will share insights on his research into the genetic basis of common complex disorders.

We hope to see you at one of the sessions. Be sure to register for one or both of the events, and let us know what questions you have. More information is available here.