Ultrabook™ gets down to business

_Managing the Changing IT Landscape: Ultrabooks for Business

If you’ve been reading my blogs, you know that finding the right tool for the job is an ongoing theme. And it deserves the attention ... in a consumerized IT world, there are simply more choices for business computing users. And while users want to choose, they expect the business to provide and support the technology needed to get work done. It is IT’s role, in partnership with users, to find the right balance between security, form factor, and performance.

Today’s users want thinner, lighter, more responsive, touch-enabled PCs. Yet for the past year, Ultrabook™ devices—a new category of ultra-mobile PCs—have not met many of the requirements for business-class computing, leaving IT with few options.

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Finally, great design that’s ready to work

The Intel® Core™ vPro™ processor-based Ultrabook device delivers on all counts. It provides embedded security that protects your data, devices, and access while keeping threats out. And it’s sleek and portable, at less than an inch thick, but with a hardened chassis and stronger hinges so it can withstand the rigors of business travel. It’s also ready when you are, with a quick tap to the touch screen to get started.

In response to the requests of our own employees, Intel IT has begun the transition from traditional notebooks to Ultrabook devices. Listen to the Intel IT Ultrabook podcast to learn more, and check out the latest options in Ultrabooks for business.

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