Under the Hood: How Dynamic Resource Pooling Unlocks Innovation


If you have watched a movie on Netflix*, called for a ride from Uber* or paid somebody using Square*, you have participated in the digital services economy. Behind those services are data centers and networks that must be scalable, reliable and responsive.

Dynamic resource pooling is one of the benefits of a software defined infrastructure (SDI) and helps unlock scalability in data centers to enable innovative services.

How does it work? In a recent installment of Intel’s Under the Hood video series, Sandra Rivera, Intel Vice President, Data Center Group and General Manager, Network Platforms Group, provides a great explanation of dynamic resource pooling and what it takes to make it happen.

In the video, Sandra explains how legacy networks, built using fixed-function, purpose-built network elements, limit scalability and new service deployment. But when virtualization and software defined networking are combined into a software defined infrastructure, the network can be much more flexibly configured.

Pools of virtualized networking, compute and storage functionality can be provisioned in different configurations, all without changing the infrastructure, to support the needs of different applications. This is the essence of dynamic resource pooling.

To get to an infrastructure that supports dynamic resource pooling takes the right platform. Sandra talks about how Intel is helping developers build these platforms with a strategy that starts with powerful silicon building blocks and software ingredient technology, in addition to support for open standards development, building an ecosystem, collaborating on technology trials and delivering open reference platforms.

It is an exciting time for the digital services economy – who knows what service will become the next Netflix, Uber or Square!

There’s much more to Sandra’s overview of dynamic resource pooling, so I encourage you to watch it in its entirety.

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