Unified Provisioning with Intel SCS 7

With the release of Intel AMT 7 comes an updated version of Intel SCS.   Intel SCS 7 is sometimes referred to as "Unified Provisioning" since all Intel AMT configuration models are supported within a single software package.

If you have been configuring Intel AMT prior to version 7, then you are likely familiar with the out-of-band authentication processes required via remote configuration certificate, preshared keys, USB one-touch, or manual configuration.   For the purposes of this artcile and in the Intel SCS 7 documentation, these approaches are all referred to as "Admin Control Mode".   Sometimes we call it legacy provisioning.

With the advent of Intel AMT 7, Host based configuration was introduced along with "client control mode".   A summary is provided at .

The title "Unified Provisioning" refers to the single set of command that are run on the client to check the status, perform a system discovery, initate provisioning, or maintain the configuration of Intel AMT.   One of the beauties of Intel SCS is that the client side application - ACU_Config.exe - handles most of the logic of the discovery and configuration process.   For legacy, or admin control mode, operations to complete the requests must be bounced off the remote configuration service (RCS) for the out-of-band connection to occur.

A video demonstration of Intel SCS 7 was posted at http://www.blip.tv/file/4829946

The video shows Host based configuration via graphic interface (it can also be done via command line), side-by-side run of legacy and host based configuration using the same command, and a new capability called SystemDiscovery.

The base architecture and flow is shown below (click to enlarge)

Unified provisioning.jpg

The Intel SCS 7 architecture and Unified Provisioning was introduced and tested by select customers during the past few months.   An overwhelming positive response was received.

Intel SCS 7 was original designed to be integrated into and adopted by various independent software vendors.   When it is available for download at ISN's Manageability and Security community, there will be a licensing statement indicating such.   Enterprise customers can download and use in their environment with the understanding that the software is provided AS-IS for now, does include developmentintegration reference materials, and so forth.   Work is underway to make an enterprise customer facing version with an associated support model.   For those that are willing to accept the licensing agreement as stated and use on their own - give it a try.

More information will be posted about Intel SCS 7 in the near future.