Usage Models and Technology

As engineers we are fascinated by technology and can ramble and gesticulate for hours on end. But, unless we are buying the drinks, our poor IT customer just gets lost. In reality, the IT customer is having to map the technology discussion onto the problems they are facing as a business - something that is really hard.

That's why, when the Open Data Center Alliance (ODCA) announced their Usage Model Roadmap, we (technologists) should take notice. As I wrote in an article in Data Center Knowledge, when a bunch of users get together and tell us what they want, and in a form that we can digest, that is big news.

The ODCA usage models are an interesting list and touch on things I hear everyday from customers. Things like VM Interoperability allowing for true interoperability across hypervisors. Or, Carbon Footprint looking at the power required for a workload and mapping it back to the specific source of power. Or, IO Control requiring specific policy based bandwidth controls on a per VM basis.

Seems like the shoe might be on the other foot now: us technologists now have to map these user pain points back to the technology. Maybe that's what we get paid to do anyway?