Using Intel vPro to reset a demonstration environment

In preparing for some future events and training courses, a request was made to easily reset the client systems to original state.

A little bit of background - the "Reset" required each individual client's hardware to be reimaged back to original state.   No virtual machines on the client (long story why this requirement... but know that each client's "start state" is unique).

I took a simple approach - reimage for the operating system partition using a locally stored image.   To initiate the process, use the IDE-Redirection capability of Intel vPro Technology delivering a scripted bootable ISO image to the client.

A few additional steps were needed - ensuring a separate partition was large enough to store the "backup" image, creating the bootable ISO image, using 2-stage IDER boot to accelerate the bootload time, and so forth.

But the result - client systems were reset in less than 10 minutes.   Here's a quick screenshot of the client, running Ghost software to restore partition image stored in the second operating system partition to "reset" the first partition.

ghost partition.png

Not too bad... I'm sure there are a few great ideas out there how to further optimize this scenario.   One I had - do this with an Intel SSD (I'll have to check and see just how much that helps)