Using six sigma in IT

Just finished my green belt project analyzing how effective web analytics is in identifying applications no longer required by IT (and should be archived) . the project went well I had some interesting data to show for it and it def drove a decision.

I'd have to say that LSS gave me some new tools to use. The templates we use internally are ok but If I was outside I'd probably stop by and check out their C&E and FMEA.

Some advice to others looking to start a GB project I'd like to mention a couple of general things I learned from setting up and running mine:

  • Don't boil the ocean - Improve an existing process as your green belt project.

  • Use Six Sigma tools to measure process output and identify where failures impact results (FMEA, C&E, etc).

  • Apply Lean Thinking to a step that has a lot of failure.

  • Measure improvement using Six Sigma tools (remesure your failure rate / speed / or what every you has as the cause of your failure).