Video Conferencing: Cool. Effective. Efficient.

IT Solutions That Improve Employee Productivity and Business Efficiency

I just had my very first personal experience using one of Intel IT's immersive video conferencing rooms to conduct an internal inverview for a position I am hiring for.  We had struggled to find a way to quickly get an employee to interview in person with a remote team.  Personal schedules and a variety of other issues kept getting in the way and delaying setup of this one interview and it was important to not delay the interview process further for business reasons.

So someone on the team suggested we use the Intel IT supported video collaboration rooms to conduct the interview. Good suggestion.  It was easy and the quality was exceptional - it definitely mirrored a real face to face interview. In the process we saved roughly $1,000 plus in travel and expense, saved the interviewing employee time, helping him be more productive that sitting on a plane for 4-6 hours traveling across the country - and we did not sacrifice the quality of a face to face interaction.

Now I understand the business value of our video conferencing strategy much better.  Intel IT has deployed a worldwide portfolio of video collaboration based on user needs, including immersive video conferencing, standard high-definition rooms, and basic video including desktop. This remains a core initiative for Intel because 65% of our employees work on three or more teams and 69% work across different time zones. Based on internal studies, in 2009, the Intel IT video conferencing efforts eliminated an estimated USD 14 million in travel expenses and saved employees over 43,000 travel hours. Internal studies show that 75 percent of meeting attendees report that video meetings are as effective as in-person meetings.  (source: 2009 Intel IT Annual Performance Report)

Video conferencing is one of many initiatives focused on improving collaboration and delivering green IT benefits inside our business. Like all businesses, Intel IT employees have a high need for collaboration and we have found that virtual conferencing helps improve employee productivity and create business efficiencies.

Virtual conferencing enables employees to share ideas and collaborate with peers anytime, anyplace without leaving the office ... and now I can state this from personal experience that is it pretty cool, very effective and cost efficient.

Does your IT organization support video conferencing?

Have you ever used video conferencing in the office? What did you think?