Virtualizing the Client PC – A Proof of Concept

We've just released a white paper on a recent client desktop virtualization proof of concept study conducted by Intel IT. A primary objective of the study was to demonstrate that cost, complexity, and cycle time could be reduced through virtualization of the software components (operating system and applications) by decoupling them from the hardware platform. In the usage model that was evaluated, a virtualized IT build image was created and provisioned via DVD or a USB storage device to out-of-the-box personal computers from different OEMs.

Our conclusion was that PC client virtualization can deliver on the business value we identified, but for reasons cited in the paper including usability and security challenges, we are presently unable to move forward with the full usage model within our corporation.

Has anyone deployed a similar enterprise level hosted PC virtualization model with success? I'm very interested to hear where you believe the compelling business value to be in client virtualization, the challenges you have encountered, and how you may have overcome those challenges.