Intel and VMware Launch Hybrid Cloud Solution for AI

Hybrid cloud opens the door to extract more value from data when new silicon-enabled artificial intelligence (AI) technologies are paired with software-defined infrastructure (SDI) that operates seamlessly from the edge to the data center core to the cloud. Intel and VMware are further strengthening their strategic partnership to make this hybrid cloud vision a reality with a new set of Intel AI resources that are delivered on the VMware Cloud Foundation (VCF), making it easier for customers to deploy AI. The Hybrid Cloud Data Analytics Solution from Intel and VMware serves both traditional, virtualized SQL/NoSQL workloads and newer, containerized compute and memory-hungry artificial intelligence applications.

Together Intel and VMware are showcasing an AI platform that is a unique combination of Intel’s latest hardware innovations and VMware’s broad portfolio of hybrid cloud, hyperconverged infrastructure, and virtualization software products, container orchestration, and AI tools.

AI Ready

Intel and VMware are delivering and easy-to-deploy AI inferencing solution with integrated AI optimizations. The Hybrid Cloud Data Analytics Solution includes the Deep Learning Reference Stack, the Intel® Distribution for Python, and the Intel® Math Kernel Library (Intel® MKL). The Deep Learning Reference Stack includes additional optimized building blocks such as the Intel® Distribution of OpenVINO™ toolkit, which can help accelerate the development of high-performance deep learning inference algorithms, and a version of TensorFlow optimized for Intel architecture. Industry-leading, open source, machine-learning software, such as, has been optimized for Intel architecture in the solution.

Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure

VCF delivers a fully software-defined infrastructure experience with a common operation model on-premises and in the public cloud. VCF recently added support for automated deployment and provisioning of Kubernetes clusters built on software-defined compute, storage and networking resources which can be used by Intel AI resources to glean more data insights faster. This combination of VCF, Intel technologies, and optimized AI software can help an enterprise looking to unleash insights from its data and get more out of its platform.

“We are working with Intel to introduce AI value for both data and infrastructure,” says Lee Caswell, Vice President of Marketing for VMware HCI BU. “Intel AI delivers more insight into data trends while VMware pursues a self-driving infrastructure experience. Both companies are helping customers capitalize on the promise of AI in real-world environments.”

Proven Results

The jointly developed Hybrid Cloud Data Analytics Solution helps enterprises operationalize analytics and AI on familiar infrastructure and speed time to market for applications. The VCF hyperconverged solution has a scalable infrastructure that is fully certified for the latest Intel® Xeon® Scalable processers and Intel® Optane™ technologies to handle the most demanding, business-critical applications.

Each component of the solution has been optimized to run on 2nd Generation Intel Xeon Scalable processors, which are designed specifically to run performance-hungry AI applications alongside more traditional data center and cloud applications. Intel Xeon Scalable processors feature built-in inferencing acceleration through Intel® Deep Learning Boost (Intel® DL Boost) with Vector Neural Network Instructions (VNNI), offering 14x faster inference workload performance over the previous generation of processors.1

Learn More

The Hybrid Cloud Data Analytics Solution from Intel and VMware is an easy-to-deploy and comprehensive solution that gives enterprises the ability to quickly unlock the insights hidden in their data—and scale the solution as future needs dictate. We’re proud to partner with our OEM partners, including Dell, to bring this solution to market soon. For more information, read the solution brief and contact your Intel representative to arrange a demonstration.

1 For more complete information about performance and benchmark results, visit

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