Wearables in the Enterprise? They’re Coming Sooner Than You Think

With the tech ecosystem rapidly changing and new devices being announced every day, people are asking, “What’s next for wearables?” While many of the companies building these devices are focusing their offerings on health and augmented reality, it’s easy to see the industry as predominantly consumer-oriented. However, the business world is also starting to take notice.


Wearable technology in the enterprise might not be as far away as you think. Companies like Salesforce are preparing for the imminent wave of wearables adoption in the enterprise by supporting these devices on their platform. While smartphones have streamlined communication in the 21st century, there’s still room for improvement.

The working environment has shifted. Every day companies are making decisions that empower their workforce to work from just about anywhere. The benefits of having a remote workforce are many: happier workers, globalized worker pool, and a reduced infrastructure overhead. However, this model comes with its own challenges. Effective communication is a huge concern for companies with a decentralized workforce, which is where wearables can make a huge impact.

With a smartwatch, for example, you could send company-wide messages or request approval from a director at the click of a button. Other wearable technology (like augmented reality devices) could enable “smart sight” applications that allow engineers to tap into the web while they’re inspecting work. The possibilities are endless and this is just the beginning.

Intel’s foray into the wearables world is well under way. With the acquisition of wellness device maker Basis and the launch of new fashion-forward devices, Intel is leading the charge in wearable innovation. Our proven track record of creating hardware and industry-leading processors positions us to play an enormous role in the coming transformations wearables will have in the enterprise.

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