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My intent with this blog is to talk about and have a conversation about data, analytics, and their role in an organization as a source of competitive advantage and strategic differentiation.  I use a broad definition of data, analytics, and the related processes and activities, and that will be one of the topics we get into.  I see data and analytics as foundational and fundamental to the modern economy and business (we call it the knowledge economy for a reason).

It's also a heck of a lot of fun.

I am an Enterprise (Data) Architect in Intel’s IT organization.  I've been in Data Management (DBA, ETL development, data architecture, data modeling) since the late 90's, and am now working my way through the Northwestern University MS Predictive Analytics degree (I have 3 classes, or a year and a half at my pace, remaining).  I have begun putting my data background and recent education to work by teaching an internal Introduction to Data Mining course that is focused on teaching a mental model of what goes on in data mining and advanced analytics to people that don’t already have that mental model.

For flavor, some topics I anticipate covering in the future that relate to this general theme:

  • Data science / data mining / predictive analytics
  • Data quality / useful data
  • Data as a source of competitive advantage and strategic differentiation
    (aka analytic competition, data driven decision making)
  • Data modeling, or understanding and documenting the structure of data
  • Chief Data Officer (as in, the need for one, and what do they do?)
  • Business process (because I have a hard time distinguishing data from
    business process, or business process from data)
  • I might even have something to say about technology and tools around data
  • Agility / velocity / cycle time
  • Learning organizations / organisms
  • Complexity Theory
  • Systems Thinking
  • Business Intelligence

The conversation and dialogue are particularly important to me.  Despite all the time I've been in a data related profession, I still have an immense amount to learn, and I'm hoping you'll help with my education.

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