What Can Private Clouds Do for Business?


We hear a lot about the public cloud and its disruptive qualities, but not a ton about the incredible power of the private cloud. In preparation for HPE Discover 2016, I want to give you a sneak peek into my session on how a privatized cloud model can transform your business.

The private cloud can serve as a catalyst within any business’s data center, and now it’s more powerful, inexpensive, and efficient than ever before. Really, implementing the private cloud should become a linchpin in any business’s long- or short-term strategy. Here are three quick overviews of how the private cloud could change the paradigm.

Efficiency: Speeding Up the Time to Market

How fast can your business think? Is your cloud data solution able to move at the speed of thought? Many businesses hesitate to switch to any sort of cloud architecture because they fear that it will slow down their operations. Enter Intel’s private cloud strategies.

Our Platform as a Service (PaaS) enables speedy connectivity between internal systems and data, radically changing the time to market results for developers. Where in the past, development could take weeks, now it only takes minutes. Here at Intel, we’ve designed this platform to be especially beneficial for companies like HP, opening up opportunities for quality development that’s delivered at an extremely high speed.

Better Security Than Ever Before

One of the most common worries surrounding any sort of cloud model is security. Regardless of whether you choose to store your data on-site or off, data surveillance and defense must be top priority. All that being said, if you’re considering moving your business to the cloud, you need powerful measures for protecting that cloud from predators.

Efforts to improve Intel private cloud technology have resulted in far quicker patch time, so that no matter the pace of business, your cloud is secure. With Intel’s private cloud strategies, we’ve created a robust portfolio of solutions that allows developers to focus on what they do best — application development. Because of our enhanced security measures, developers can focus on functionality and code deployment, rather than operating under the constant shadow of data security threats.

Cost: High Value at a Low Price

All this sounds pretty great, right? But what’s the cost? We’ve done plenty of research on this front and have found that transitioning to the private cloud can radically alter the total cost of ownership for software-designed infrastructure. With full implementation, up to 66 percent can be saved on each virtual machine! Better security at a low cost sounds pretty good, right?

That’s what the private cloud can do — completely transform the data center with enhanced performance and security, all at a low cost.


Interested in finding out more? Bill Giard (Twitter: @BillGiard) has more than 20 years of experience designing enterprise architectures, and is now principal engineer at Intel’s Data Center Group. You can check out his session “Private Clouds Enabling Business Transformation” at HPE Discover 2016, June 7-9. Hope to see you there!

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