What Earth Day Means to IT

Next Thursday April 22, 2010 marks the 40th anniversary of Earth Day. Once a year, people around the world think “green” on Earth Day.  However, many Business and IT professionals are thinking about green IT every day (#4 on Gartner's list of top 10 2010 technology trends), and are taking steps to innovate and invest in ways to improve IT Sustainability.

In my opinion, Earth Day and being “green” was created to challenge the way society manages available resources and the way individuals behave (recycle, reuse, …) .  The goals of Earth Day are strategic … and for these same reasons why green IT makes the list of top technology trends – the goals are strategic and benefits are far reaching across businesses and corporations.

Within the Intel IT organization, IT Sustainability is a core initiative.  In 2009, Intel IT implemented projects that reduced our consumption of IT-related and office energy by 49 million kHW, saving nearly $4 million for Intel and reducing our CO2 footprint by an estimated 26,000 metric tons.

The strategic relationship and benefits of IT Sustainability are shown in these results.

Less Energy Consumed (kWH) = Reduced Operating Costs ($) = Smaller Carbon Footprint (lbs CO2)

Our IT sustainability framework has taken time and commitment to create and embraces innovation across Data Centers, compute infrastructure as well as our employee compute offerings.  And as we innovate for sustainability we find benefits in other aspects of our business.  In the area of Green Print (we call it Secure Print), we have reduced the amount of paper within our enterprise while eliminating the number of abandoned print jobs lying unsecured at the public printer.  In the area of video conferencing we have dramatically impacted the ability for employees to collaborate across sites and eliminated thousands of hours of unnecessary travel.

I invite you to use these resources to learn more about what we at Intel IT are doing within our IT Sustainability initiative.

  • A CIO’s Perspective: Watch this video of Diane Bryant, Intel CIO, talking about IT’s Role and the strategic importance of both Corporate and IT Sustainability
  • Building a Sustainability Strategy: This whitepaper [pdf] titled “Building a Long Term Strategy for IT Sustainability” highlights the proactive steps Intel IT is taking across all aspects of our business from the way be build and operate data centers to the solutions we deliver to our employees.
  • Innovation in the Office: This whitepaper [pdf] titled “Reducing Energy Use in Offices” covers our adoption of SSDs, Intel vPRo Technology, deployment of and user training on PC Power Management as ways to reduce power consumption.
  • Measuring Environmental Impact: This whitepaper [pdf] discusses How Intel IT Measures our CO2 impact, using it as a Baseline for Innovation and Investment.

For those skeptics in the audience who might think green is just a fad or buzzword, I will have to admit, I wasn’t always a believer – however, now I can see the light … And I’ll give you one guess at what color the light is.